Urzecze Craft Beer

Urzecze is a picturesque, fertile land located in the area where the Pilica flows into the Vistula. This is where, from the 16th century until the beginning of the 19th century, numerous immigrants, mainly from what is now the Netherlands, settled here. Having special experience and skills acquired over generations, they were able to thrive in flooded areas. And this place was extraordinary, where sturgeons spawned here just a hundred years ago. Magnificent, noble fish, specimens of which were up to three meters long! It was said that there were so many of them that you could walk on their heads to the other side of the Vistula!

The settlers of Urzecze built dikes, dams, embankments and planted appropriate vegetation. They built houses with high roofs, appropriately adapted to such areas, and properly positioned towards the river in case of flood. They planted orchards. They knew how to cultivate the local fertile soil. They also grew barley, from which they brewed beer, a drink already widely popular in the Netherlands. They were hardworking, talkative and sociable. Proud of their achievements. They liked to meet in the inn, over a beer, where a specific culture flourished. In the inn, the Urzeczans exchanged news and messages with visiting rafters and passing inhabitants of near and far regions, spinning veritable „Sea Stories”… or rather „River Stories”. You could talk about business over good local beer. Find out what’s going on in the Big World. You could also meet a nice person. Beer, just like today, brought people together. We try to refer to this tradition. An interesting fact is that one of the founders of our brewery is a Dutchman who has been living in Poland for years. History comes full circle.

Today, it is also worth going to Urzecze, preferably on foot or by bicycle. A beautiful, green and peaceful place. Enchanting, just like the taste of our beer.

Our offer includes craft beers from the Nieznany Browar in Poland: APA and APA Zero, Pils, Pszeniczne (Wheat), Rzeczny (River) Lager, Ciemny (Dark) Lager.
More information: www.urzeczepiwo.pl