Pimco presents Urzecze, a new craft beer that will charm you with its taste!


Urzecze craft beer is produced in the Urzecze region, stretching from the mouth of the Pilica River to Saska Kępa in Warsaw.

A hundred years ago, sturgeons spawned here. Magnificent noble fish, specimens of which measured up to three meters! It was said that there were so many of them that you could walk on their heads to the other side of the Vistula. Urzecze is a special, magical place on the map of Poland. It was here that Great King Jan III Sobieski decided to arrange his summer residence by building a palace in Wilanów.

Our offer includes craft beers from the Nieznany Browar in Poland: APA and APA Zero, Pils, Pszeniczne (Wheat), Rzeczny (River) Lager, Ciemny (Dark) Lager.