Pink Pepper Gin

Based in the heart of Cognac, France, Audemus Spirits draws inspiration from traditional distilling techniques blended with modern methods and a passion for innovation. Audemus works with artistry and esprit to produce unconventional spirits that are proudly contemporary. 

Audemus uses vacuum distillation technology, distilling each botanical separately at reduced temperatures, allowing them to maintain the potency and freshness of the flavours by avoiding cooking the botanicals. 

Pink Pepper Gin was born from a desire to create an aromatically bold and complex new-style gin. Steering away from the straight and dry juniper-lead style of gins from the yesteryears, they have created a spirit which will evolve and change depending on how it’s enjoyed. Every batch of Pink Pepper Gin is named in honour of a person or people who has inspired, helped, raised and energised the Pink Pepper team supporting their dreams.

Pink Pepper Gin is a unique, hand-crafted assemblage of 9 botanicals, independently infused over a period of time in a pure, neutral grain alcohol. The top notes are Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom and Juniper – distilled separately in ‘Brunhilda’, a bespoke, low-pressure, glass vacuum still. The base notes come from a distillation of locally sourced Honey, and Vanilla and Tonka Bean infusions, together with three secret, distilled ingredients.

The final recipe took months to perfect, and each batch of Pink Pepper Gin takes months to create – it’s a true labour of love, resulting in a smooth and elegant gin.

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