Pekoe Tea Liqueur

Tea is after water the most consumed beverage in the world, yet there’s no spirit to meet this global preference in flavour and aroma… That’s why we’ve created Pekoe, the first premium tea spirit. To offer a new tea experience while respecting the origin and heritage of tea.

We are thrilled to launch in Poland, a country with such a strong tea drinking culture, and we are eager to find out how the Polish tea lovers experience Pekoe. Pekoe comes in two varieties: Earl Grey and Jasmine Green Tea.

Pekoe founder Robert Schinkel, acclaimed bartender and tea sommelier, created Pekoe out of his love for tea and in search of a new tea experience. In a 225-year-old distillery in the heart of Jenever capital Schiedam in the Netherlands Schinkel combined tradition with innovation and complexity with simplicity. Using the finest and most ethical tea from Sri Lanka and China as a base Schinkel started a 2,5 year journey to create the best possible tea spirit. The result is a liquid of the highest quality with all the intrinsic values of tea while bringing excitement and novelty to the glass.

Pekoe (pronounced as pek-ko) is very versatile and is suitable to drink neat, as a mixer or in a cocktail. Schinkel’s preferred way is Pekoe mixed with tonic. “It’s basically a spiked iced tea. It’s light, refreshing and has a strong tea profile. It’s the perfect drink to have after a long day of work or to enjoy before dinner.”

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