This rum is for you, Mate!

Our natural, premium quality and environment-friendly rum blend is one of a kind. Mates is smooth, sweet & funky rum. It suits every moment with your Mates. It is natural – without adding sugar or other additives. Mates is a rum from Caribbean – blend of Barbados and Dominican Republic Rum, finished with a subtle trace of Jamaican pot still Rum. The Mates symbol has been created to show you the Mates moment but mainly to remind you that we live in an environment that we treasure and should keep clean. Mates uses natural products and durable packaging materials with as little as possible harm to the environment. With several clean-up initiatives, Mates aim to take responsible drinking to the next level. And you can contribute! From beaches to canals and forests, Mates unite people to beaver away and go on a hunt for plastic waste. Join this lifestyle and you can even dress like a Mate. The sound or nature, taste of Rum and the look and feel of Mates!

How you drink your Mate is up to you. Shake or stir with other flavours for delicious drinks or drink it on the rocks. Either way, Mates Gold Rum is full of flavour and pairs well with a diverse range of tonics & sodas.

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