BeerLab is a family artisan brewery, which combines centuries of Poland’s beer brewing tradition with the 21st century modernity. Our passion for beer, food, wine and spirits sparked a vision. A vision of a local, yet cosmopolitan, artisan beer embraced by the world of haute cuisine and trend-setting mixology. This vision led to the creation of the BeerLab series.

For us brewing BeerLab is more than craft, it is an art. Each bottle is the product of a true act of creation: a process of discovery, emotions, creativity and invention of our brewers, fuelled by continuous dialogue with master sommeliers and artists of haute cuisine and mixology.

The superb quality of the BeerLab beer combined with its unique minimalist packaging, has already gained recognition from Michelin-starred chefs, world-class sommeliers and award-winning mixologists, but most importantly, from discerning customers.

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