Majestea Kombucha – a new brand in Pimco’s distribution


Majestea Kombucha is an alternative to carbonated and sweet drinks, ideal for modern consumers who are looking for refreshment and an interesting taste, while taking care of their health.

It is a unique drink that meets all the challenges of a modern lifestyle. Fully natural, eco-friendly, in line with trends and with a number of health properties. It is made from tea subjected to a traditional fermentation process, which makes it a natural probiotic, improving the work of the digestive and immune systems. And most importantly, it tastes great! Our kombucha is brewed using traditional, artisanal methods. Its base is an infusion of selected tea leaves and natural fruit juices. After the brewing process, it is fermented for a long time in small vats. This is when the magic begins – a seemingly ordinary drink begins to gain amazing properties!