during challenging times


Aga Smektała and Zuzanna Staniszewska – luxury goods researchers mention BeerLab and Fever Tree in an article for “Book of Luxury” – Polish magazine for hedonists.

It looks as if the connoisseur alcohol industry may emerge unscathed from the crisis caused by the pandemic. Selling good quality liquors is similar to the lipstick effect. The client may postpone a massive expenditure in the short term but will not want to deny himself small pleasures, for instance: a good cocktail, a glass of champagne, or artisan beer. Consumers use luxury brands to emphasize their status or just for their own pleasure. The premiumization trend is progressing. Consumers are getting better educated, and they are searching for authenticity. Wealthy clients want to drink less, but better. During home isolation, they drink alcohol as a stress reliever, celebrate recovery, and experiment with mixology. New habits related to work and entertainment at home create new consumption rituals and provide additional education opportunities.

Producers of beverages invest in innovation related to well-being. Consumers want the drinks they consume to affect their physical, mental, and emotional health positively. More and more consumers are choosing zero or low-percentage beverages. An example of an innovative brand in this segment is Seedlip, whose mission is to provide the highest quality alcohol-free cocktails. It is also worth paying attention to the Polish brand BeerLab, hailed by the Gault & Millau guide as „probably the most elegant beer on the market.” This artisan beer is a brilliant alternative to stronger alcohols and successfully competes with wines on the tables of top restaurants. The Fever-Tree brand, appreciated by bartenders worldwide, is also doing great. It is more often chosen by those customers who want to consume a high-quality tonic drink at home or in more comfortable environs. This brand’s tonics can serve as an alternative for non-drinkers or as an ideal base for only making a quality cocktail at home, for example, based on gin or vodka. Our favourite is Fever-Tree Elderflower, based on the essential oils of hand-picked lilac flowers from England and ethical quinine sourced from the Congo Cinchona trees.