BeerLab x Blackbeard Barber and Barel


BeerLab starts cooperation with Blackbeard Barber & Barrel House in Wrocław. BlackBeard is an iconic place in Wroclaw where the art of a barber is combined with an unique assortment of alcohol brands offered in the bar and store. BlackBeard offers a strong variety of exclusive high-quality rums, gins, wines, champagnes and whisky.

Blackbeard has been founded in 2017 in an old historic building at 57 Tęczowa Street where the residents of Wrocław can explore new flavours of alcohol and new experiences. The building at Tęczowa Street is a modern, loft interior with walls that remember the history, sweat and tears of the factory workers that existed there before the war. The historic character of the place fits perfectly with the old profession of a male hairdresser. In Poland, the equivalent of a barber in the old days was „cyrulik” (in other words a „balwierz”).

“Balwierz” originated from transporting the German word “barbier” into Polish, and actually was translated from the original Latin word “barbitonsores”, which literally means “the one who cuts beards”, but also dealt with additional treatments (caring for the body and well-being). It is necessary to correct the rumours that a barber is just a hairdresser. A visit to BlackBeard is a celebration of masculinity. Barber not only shortens hair and beard but also deals with men’s piling, shaves a man, and makes the client feel well-groomed and pampered. In addition, a glass of aromatic, golden beverage completes the whole extraordinary atmosphere.